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Hi Duane,

yes, that's the Code I am using since Yesterday which works great. Look at my Reply #8
The Arduino Mega still uses Pin 2 & 3 + extra Int Pins on 18-21
See -> http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/AttachInterrupt

But it is still driving me nuts that I am not getting your great Example to work, because I want to use the Code with an Arduino Mini 328, and might need more than 2 Channels,
but for now I am all good.



   So its the multi channel code that you are having trouble with ?

   At one time there was a bug in the pinchangeint library which stopped it working on some pins, which version are you using ?

   I will dig out a Mega tomorrow and get the code up and running just to make sure I haven't done anything daft my side - I use 328 based UNOs most of the time.

Duane B
Read this
then watch this



I am using the latest Verion 2.19 beta of the PinChangeInt library.

I will get my 328 Micro Boards sometime this week, so currently I am stuck with the mega.

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