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Hi. I'm making a strange prototype for research into artificial pets in Zero-G. I work at a small college in Vermont, US.  I want to start by making a simple, simple, blimp for indoor use that will be powered by one thrusting fan, and held up by a balloon. I can build the frame/balloon. I want one gryoscope on the horizontal axis in the middle of the blimp's frame (not balloon), which will be spherical and covered in artificial fur, about the size of a soccer ball. It's a baby step. I know six thrusters would be great, or puffs of compressed air to move in Zero-G, but I'm not there yet, and working alone for now. I need simple for the first prototype.

So, I need an Arduino, nothing fancy, I guess an R3 Uno?

I'd like to buy parts for it to control the following.

  • The single thruster: A cooling fan for computers perhaps or a slow ducted fan jet, 5V, like this?http://www.amazon.com/CabCool-Single-Cooling-Cabinet-Theaters/dp/B001NJ7XFM?

  • The gyro: A small motor that I can attach about a 1 to 2 inch metal disc (I'll make) to act as a stabilizer in a gyroscopic way. This can also be on and off, or variable.

  • Motor mounts for the above to be able to screw it to something

  • A triple axis accelerometer that will be sending signals to the two motors to turn on and off depending on significant changes in direction or stopping.

  • A power pack, AA or LiPo. I'll only need about 20 minutes of intermittent on/off motor time.

Thanks for any help or links!



All of those parts together will be quite heavy. How big do you plan on making this?

Also, why not just buy a premade blimp and attach the other parts to it, (while taking the weight of the parts into consideration too)?
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I'd love to mod a built blimp.

The challenge, besides being a newbie working alone in Vermont, is to make it about the size of a soccer ball, and covered with artificial fur. To test this contraption, I'll just use a balloon, or twenty, in a gym if I have to, to suspend it. I was going to put the parts inside something like a rigid form sphere with about 1" think walls, or this:http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/46727?productId=810561

I was thinking about moding this blimp, but not sure how to get the props into a ducted fan. http://www.instructables.com/id/Sub-Micro-Blimp/


For props that small, I would you either silly string caps or spray paint caps. It really depends on the diameter of the props.
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Helium lift is only  1 gm/liter.  So watch your weight or plan on lots of big balloons  :)


Thanks for the info on helium and ducts. I think it might be best for me to go through a few projects in an Arduino book and find a local maker club. Then I'll try to make the prototype once I'm back in the groove of basic Arduino workings. 

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