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My TFT 3.2 is showing some display problems as well. I'm trying to simply get two images to display alternately (each desired image is attached. A "Tower" and "Logo"). Usually the first two rounds work fine, but once the "Logo" appears a third time, I get a distorted image (example shown in the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QjzpIKqI8k&feature=youtu.be). And when loading the images onto the TFT the screen gets all "crackly."
I am using an Arduino MEGA ADK with UTFT, UTFT_tinyFAT, and UTouch libraries. I've tried rewiring the apparatus and using a couple different power sources. What's weird is that when it was first connected it displayed just fine, but after a couple of days started becoming errant.
Anyone else ever experienced this or know what might be going on? Thanks.

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