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This is a plain and simple rant post. If you are a hardcore fan boy of any of the big three software, steer away and find something more constructive to read!

I'm sure if you have tried to do some productivity work on an ipad, you will know its limitations. I am an occasional user of Apple ipad or iphone. I thought these are toys for the tech-deprived mass public. Even android does better than offering a glorified MP3 player with no file system or connectivity to PC. Even with this much dislike, I still have to think of a reality in which I bought an ipad for my mom, because Micro$oft is discontinuing its MSN messenger and directing any remaining users to their skype. No offense to this particular program but merging msn into skype has been the biggest M$ screw-up since releasing vista. Oops, forgot win 8. I'm sure for every other M$ home PC operating system, there is one good one if you have been following the 98-me-xp-vista-7-8 pattern. Every other home PC OS they released in the past decade or two was bad. Now after a forced merge of my msn and skype account, I end up with two name on my wife or other contacts' view. If I log on as my original skype account, I only see original skype contacts and my name was displayed right. If I want to see my msn contacts, I have to log on with M$ account that I use for msn and hotmail. I see my msn contacts but can't video/voice chat with them or send files to them. Also my name is displayed as the msn account name but account info is the original skype account. I always appear as two persons both logged in but only one is actually logged in and receiving any message.

Now my wife, who didn't have any skype account, was forced to upgrade msn and ended up with a bigger mess than I thought due to using win 8. Win 8, if you have not used it yet, is closely mimicking whatever others have been doing so you have to have an M$ account like Apple account or Google account to use your laptop. She did that. Now her skype metro app, which she never used, is logging her in every time she uses her computer. She installed desktop skype and it freezes when trying to log in, since the metro app is already taking the loo (toilet?). She ran the msn messenger and got force upgraded to desktop skype and her account splits into dual personality. I see two of her on my skype account that I log in using M$ account. One is always offline even after she uninstalled that blasted app and succeeded in running the desktop version. It's just too confusing, after my mom and parents in law got the upgrade. There is no telling how many copies of them are online.

So, I'm considering an ipad for everyone so we rid this M$ problem, and let me deal with it alone since I still have business contacts on skype. Good job Gates! You saved Jobs from rolling in his grave! AAPL will not crash any more. Two of you are real friends! LOL


how many apple computers have you owned throughout time? Cause microsoft fidgeting with free services seems like a drop in the ocean compared to the unholy bullspit I have learned to expect from apple over the decades.


I have one of the samsung galaxy tablets.. And two friends have ipads.

All I can say is that after using both, the samsung android device is my preference.  I honestly only use the desktop PC for applications which simply don't run on a tablet these days.. All the web and things like that are via tablet.. like right now.

Considering the price points of an apple tablet, a tablet PC with Win8, or an Android tablet (I have rooted mine and may convert to linux)...if I were buying, I would go Android.  Personal preference only of course.
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Good job Gates!

Gates has nothing to to with microsoft, he "retired" in 2008

so you should say  "Good Job Balmer, go throw a chair or something"

Balmer is great at jumping around getting everyone worked up, but not so great steering the ship it seems, Mr Cook is starting to show those signs as well


Unfortunately, Microsoft has this habit of trying to continue support for every product they have ever made, rather then telling people tough luck, like Apple. This results in the unholy mess you are now stuck with.
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