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Author Topic: Remote controllable dancing Robot Party  (Read 376 times)
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I just stumbled over a live streamed party-installation of Arduino controlled objects. It's super fun! Users can define the entire visual setting (colors, lights, balloons), make the Robots dance and shoot a confetti gun – remotely from their PC over the internet. Personally I think it's really super neat how they styled the Robosapiens! Ha! smiley-grin Oh and you can become part of the party, too with your facebook picture and make the robots dance and cheer for you.

It's all live streamed on stage here: [Link removed by moderator. Uwe ] – unfortunately the site is in german only. But with the Google Chrome translate plugin it works in english as well.


P.S.: I hope the "Exhibition / Gallery" category is right, allthough I'm not affiliated with the project. It's my first post here, so please excuse me, if I posted to the wrong board.
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