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come on now

these fixes to the arduino system are great, and long over due.
    the way problems have been on the forum for years and not acted upon is very depressing,

hopefully, now its September the italains are back from the august break, and we might get some fix's.
   till then , at least we have some one who can support us, and all power to them.

Two years down the line and it still sucks :-)
All sorts of  vague improvements in 1.06 that i never realized were a problem, but still no scrolling



A great mod for me.
I used arduino with student and they all have phones with BT, so a lot of malfunction.

I installed it as administrator on my laptops.
But at their student account, the board drivers aren't installed.

Is their an option to install this program for all users?

And the FFT (??? there are 3 options: board drivers and 2 other) drivers failed to install.

It was a W8.1 laptop.


Thanks, Its basically what the Arduino IDE should be. Surprised they haven't moved your changes into the official release. Maybe add some intelli-sense and Better Syntax Highlighting...? Also support for the newer arduino boards like the Due and Yun...

Thanks Again. Love the reset from Serial Monitor, such a simple thing but very useful.

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