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Just installed this, works great! So much better than the official Arduino IDE! Thanks a lot!


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Thanks for your compliment. An update is just released.
The IDE maybe a little bit tricky for non-progreammers but once you grab it, it's definitely more efficient. I will write some tutorials in future.


This version does everything I need.  It allows me to specify a 12 MHz clock rate for my project which is a 3.3v ATmega328p which does not support 16 MHz clock.  My project can now proceed.  I just put a scope on my 10 millisecond interrupt and it happens every 10 ms, which proves the code now is using a 12 MHz clock.  Thank you Stanley.  Nice job and thank you for the great tool you have generously provided.
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Great project, but how can i add a custom library ?

In Arduino Ide, i put the files to "E:\Eigene Dateien\Arduino\libraries" and i can work with it.

How does this work in codeblocks?


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