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Here is one thing I don't know if galaxy tablet can do: syncing photos among several samsung devices. The kies air software that came with my galaxy s iii is pretty weak. I think it is on their back burner. Ipad and iphone with the same account can automatically sync captured images with photo stream, each keeping their own photos and both see all captured photos in the stream folder. But there are so many android brands and each has brand specific things that others don't have. There might be something I missed but if I have two android tabs/phones, I don't know how to get a photo stream feature between them. Last time I tried the samsung win 8 tablet, its camera response was below par. My s iii is good but not as good as iphone 5. The retina screen is also pretty good. Apple has some good hardware. If only they would offer them at good price,...


syncing photos among several samsung devices

Try "Bluetooth File Transfer" found on Google Play. I am still learning how to use it but, you can transfer nearly any file with it.


I recently got a Google Nexus 10. What a sweet machine! It has a beautiful screen. My youngest daughter said she wished she had one instead of her "fondlepad" (iPad), and she is so Apple she probably has the company logo on her unmentionables.

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