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I did just a couple of minutes of research on the chemical sensor thing, and quickly discovered that the idea of designing new sensors is probably outside my scope, not being a chemist. Given an existing sensor and its datasheet, I could probably figure out how to control it, but creating a new sensor from scratch is not something that I have the time or resources to do. So I think someone else will need to investigate that idea.

Has anyone done any research to see if less expensive sensors exist?


Can anybody help me the Arduino Duemilanove and ucam-TTL (4d systems) interfacing. I have been trying to connect the two, so that i can recieve the image on my laptop serially. It would be great if someone can help me out by providing a sample arduino sketch to view the image on the laptop, alongwith the circuit diagram connections. Waiting for the reply.



It would be great if someone can help me out by providing a sample arduino sketch to view the image on the laptop

How is an Arduino sketch going to run on your PC?

Waiting for the reply.

So am I.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Using the Arduino Software. I searched online, that probably we can have two code, one running on the arduino and the other on Processing. And we can save the captured image to our laptop. But i cannot manage to get any data from the camera when i try to do so.



But don't limit your thinking to CPUs. What would you like to see, that would be worth buying, in your mind?

I dont know about others, but I need a simple to use FFT so the 328p don't have to deal with FFT complexity.  Let your chip/fpga/whatever accept audio input, and stream out relative voltage output levels of the different frequencies, which are then connected to the AVR analog inputs.... similar to the MSGEQ7 but with more than 7 bands. (see datasheet)
or maybe serial out the actual byte values... 0-255 in band/value pairs.
01 - 0x??
02 - 0x??
03 - ox??
.....    where 01, 02, 03 are the predefined bands.
01 stands for 20Hz
02 is 60Hz
03 is 120Hz
?? is 20Khz

I'll buy hundreds of units from you. 


Sorry for the slow reply; I haven't checked the email for this account in a while. I think I'm going to switch which email is used.

Anyhow, have you solved your problem yet? If not, what are you really trying to accomplish? Why won't the 7-band EQ work for you? Have you looked at other EQ chips that may have more bands?

What do you mean by "hundreds"? Do you have a budget of price/unit? In other words, how worthwhile is it for someone to attempt to create this device for you?


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