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I have the Arduino Mega 2560 with a 3.2" LCD display and a LCD shield. I am trying to make a controller for my aquarium, which requires a RTC module. However...I cannot figure out how to install the RTC with the LCD and shield plugged in, as the LCD takes up the ground and 5V pins neccessary for the RTC. Any suggestions? Clearly I am very new at all of this.

Here is the display/shield and the RTC module:




There are various prototype shields that include stacking headers.  This allows the shield to plug into the Arduino and have another shield plugged in on top of that.
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imma gunna follow this post, cause that's what i need.
i have a 100 gal reef tank i am trying to automate with this here arduino stuff....
i have the  LCD Keypad Shield 1602, ATmega2560-16AU, and a sainsmart RTC DS1307 AT24C32 ...
and so far there's not much info on how to implement them together...
good luck, maybe we can help each other...


here's my tank and arduino plans...whatcha think?
you might wanna open the plans on a new window...

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