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So, I finally got his answer and he sent me these schematics:

I hope that has anything that helps!



I guess it should work with the EasyVR Command if you set it to slow mode and load the following sketch to the Leonardo before using it:

Code: [Select]
void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()) {
  if (Serial1.available()) {

This is just copying data from the USB to the hardware serial and vice versa. Configure the jumper for hardware serial, also during the EasyVR Commander session.

The only problem that may still exist is the RST line. It's connected to the RESET line of the Arduino. If the EasyVR Commander controls that line via the DTR of the serial interface, I don't have a solution for that shield. Then it's probably easier to just buy a standard UNO for this shield.


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I'll try it! But I think that this means that I'll have to connect pins 0 and 1 from both together (the shield is now only connected via RST, GND, 5V pins 12 to 8 and 13 to 9 to the arduino). No biggie... jumper wires for the job!

Later I tell you what happened... :)

Edit: It didn't work as well...

But I'm resigned. No big deal. I can always change it with the seeeduino everytime I want to update the soundtable or voice commands...

Thank for your willing to help all the time! I learned so much from here and the manuals!

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