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I am looking for a basic code exemple that show how to transmit basic data from a Tx XBee Pro 868 to the Rx Xbee Pro 868.

I am trying to get started with Xbee Pro 868. But it seems that it does not work like the Xbee 802.15.4 Series 1 which I used before: I have been trying with the same code as before an it does not work (see the code below). Additionnaly, I can not find a library that would be specific to xbee 868. I have been looking for basic exemples of code for 2 days. By the way, I am using it with an Arduino shield.

Does anyone know if it is supposed to work with the good old library for Series 1 or if there is a specific one ? Or one simple exemple of code that shows how to send basic data from a Tx Xbee 868 to a Rx Xbee 868 ?



All the XBees get data from the Arduino the same way, and they send data to the Arduino the same way. Code that worked with one type of XBee will work with any other type of XBee. That yours doesn't says that the XBees are the problem, not the code.

What have you done to configure them?
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OP, are you connecting the XBee Din/Dout pins to the same Arduino pins as the USB
port is connected to? Can't do that.


Thanks for your help. It's good to know that the 868 is supposed to work the same way than series 1. I was going too fast anyway.

I used to send Tx16 with my old xbees 802.15.4 but the new xbees 868 only work with Tx64. Now I am trying to make the xbees 802.15.4 work with Tx64 but it won't. I am going to make a small test program designed to find out where the problem comes from.

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