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I have a 4 channel relay board (not a shield) that uses pin connectors to connect to the Arduino what is the best way to connect the Arduino and the relay board?


The pin usage does not lineup 
the relay board is 6 pins
1 gnd
2 input 1
3 input 2
4 input 3
5 input 4
6 +5 V

Is there a double female connector maybe. 
My project will be eventually be mounted to a back panel and will need some form of connection between the two boards.



The pin spacing on that relay board should be standard .1" so you can make your own connector by getting a female header strip and cutting a 6 pin section off and solder your own cable up. The other end of your wires can be soldered to either individual single pin female of male header pins for insertion to something that uses header pin interface, or just solder the individual wires to the controller board.




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