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I received the Maxim's MAX1811 IC and it's much smaller than I was expecting.  The IC's legs definitely aren't going to fit into my breadboard.  How do I proceed?


You get a breakout board or adaptor board to solder the chip onto and convert it to 0.1" pitch for your bread board.


Here's one example.   With most (all?) of these things you'll need to solder the chip to the adapter board. 


You get a breakout board or adaptor board to solder the chip onto and convert it to 0.1" pitch for your bread board.

Is 0.1" pitch the spacing on the breadboard?  It is really a convert or just busing a signal?


converting as far as SPACING goes.. yes you are 'converting' to an .1 spacing format.

(if you means does anything to the signal/data... no)

funny that link mentions: SchmartBoards

I was just going to post that local RadioShacks are now selling those SchmartBoards pcbs..

along with Arduino Micros, and Explora's..and a slew of other Arduino and 3rd party related stuff!!


Would this work? thanks! :)




Would this work?

I don't know because you never said what chip you have. You need to make sure that the number of pins and the pin spacing on your chip matches that of the board. But that was the sort of thing I was referring to.


First post: MAX1811. Little 8-pin SO package.  Nice part, only need a couple of parts for it to work.
I used it in my RF remote control for 1000mA LiPo charging from 5V source to drive 3.3V promini.


Not too hard to hand solder with 0.05"/1.27mm spaced pins.
Not like the FT232RL with those 0.026"/0.5mm spaced pins.
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First post: MAX1811. Little 8-pin SO package. 

Sorry missed it.
That is massive, I bet you could solder that onto normal 0.1" strip board with a bit of clever use of a scalpel. Cut the tracks each side of the hole and then cut a strip out between the holes.


purchased! Thanks for the help.  I needed to know the spacing of the board of 0.05"/1.27mm


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