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Nick Gammon

calculate the life of a battery pack, 4 ea AA rechargeables producing 4.6V

That's somewhat higher than you expected isn't it? Is it possible it was over 5.5V when you tested it earlier?


Also the reason why he can't reprogram the Uno... @ 4.6V / 4 = 1.15 V or a nearly discharged Ni-Cd battery and there is a fixed 1.6 - 1.8 volt regulator I/O differential which would  leave about 2.5 - 2.9 V for the processor, Maybe and worse because of the poor state of the Ni-Cd's

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Nick Gammon

He actually measured 5.26V. Too high for +5V and too low for Vin.

The photo would help, hint hint ...


You won't correctly measure the current draw from the batteries when the Arduino is also connected to, and powered by the USB cable.
If it is NOT connected to the USB cable, I can suggest a possible reason why the programming step might fail...

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