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There is a site proposal  -> http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/49538/arduino for a new Arduino Q&A site similar to Stack Overflow under the Stack Exchange network.

It is something that can work alongside this forum to solve problems with Arduino's. It in no way replaces a forum, but instead creates a new platform for objective oriented questions and answers with minimum noise. If you are interested, you can follow and support the proposal. The more the merrier :)


UPDATE : The proposal has got 46 followers and about 17 example questions. It is moving forward at a good pace.


Bah.  Dilution of mindshare.  I already regularly read here and at Adafruit, and feel like I should read Sparkfun; there's a limit to how many websites I'm willing to visit on a regular basis, to cover one subject...


Bump! Arduino stack exchange needs you! We now only need 2 followers!

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