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Hi All,

I'm running Win7 and have Arduino.exe installed in My Documents ie "My Documents\Arduino\Arduino.exe"
It is currently Version 1.0.1 and I would like to upgrade to 1.0.3.
What is the correct method of performing the upgrade and overwriting of files?



I installed my versions side by side, including beta versions.  Then I realized any user created stuff was saved elsewhere, so uninstalling old versions was as easy as deleting folders and shortcuts.

James C4S

The IDE and its contents are self-contained.  So you simply run out of a new folder.

This is why you never put libraries in the "Libraries" folder of the Arduino folder.  Instead you put them in your My Documents/Arduino/libraries folder so that upgrades are seamless.
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When upgrading is it a simple matter then of just starting 1.0.new not 1.0.old from a new folder?

What about the USB driver thing, as one has to do with a virgin PC?
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Once the driver is installed one time, you should be good to go.
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