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I'm a first time user of Arduino products and have you had this happen to you? While downloading the Arduino software my phone rang and it a man stating I'm downloading a virus into my computer. I explained to him I'm downloading the Arduino program and I'm sure that is the alert. I asked if he works for Microsoft and the answer was no but they monitor downloading of programs that is not recognized my MS.
He said for $100 they can remove the virus but I told him I have Norton's installed and did a full virus scan before turning off my computer.
Has anyone experienced this?


I did research this issue and it's a scam! Thankfully I did not allow them access to my computer or give them a credit card number. Don't know how they have my phone number but it has happened to many people.


Glad you didn't fall for it.
What was his phone number?
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It was a coincidence that they called while you happened to be downloading the file. I've had that kind of call several times. I usually hang up on them but occasionally I say "I have 3 computers. Which one has the virus?"

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Scam.  Just coincidence they called.

I mean they could have a trojan on your PC and be monitoring your activity and have gotten your phone number... But that would be a lot of work to try to scam one person when they can just call people at random and fool old folks into giving out their credit card details.


This scam has been around for years.  They randomly go through your local telephone directory and call on spec.  Often they claim to be from MS or a local ISP. 
Points to note: If you have call ID on your phone it will definitely show "private number"  Ask them for their # and say you will ring them back (That gets rid of them)
Most important never give out any personal details and never ever disclose a card number.  Just hang up is the best way.

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