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where is the standard firmata menu ?
its supposed to be under file/examples but no standard firmata menu .
i load up firmata and then boot up any firmata programe from the UNO and all i get is COM3 Tx: 73 and Rx: rapid numbers flashing by at the bottom ,theres no menu to be seen of all the boxes .
how do i get the fancy menu with all the boxes showing the registers which can be allegedly be controlled ?
the numbers are still flashing by at a fast rate ,but nothing else


the Tx counter at the bottom of the firmata page has now reached 2.7 million and still going higher


from the firmata site i find my problem ..

Arduino Uno

Using Arduino 0022 or later, open the code with the File > Examples > Firmata > StandardFirmata menu, and then upload it to your Uno.
Versions of arduino previous to 0022 (December 2010) have a baud rate error on Uno which corrupts communication. The Firmata Test program can open the serial port, and the receive counter at the bottom of the windows keeps increasing, but nothing works. If you're having this problem, you can fix it by just upgrading to a recent Arduino software version.

but i already have the latest versionS of arduino software ..!!
so no solution i can see


I'm not sure I fully understand your problem but I use Firmata  a lot so may be able to help

First of all upload Files-Example-Firmata-StandardFirmata to your Arduino

Is that seems to work OK then run the firmata test program.

What happens with you ?


PS I use Windows XP


me too notice same problem..downloaded test program but can't open the file in mint 64bit..

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