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First- I have tested the board and have run several successful sketches on it including a simple light diode.  Using the pdf that came with it I came up to the project 6.2 page 81.  I couid not get it to do anything.  I am running on port 3 using Windows 7.  Until that point everything was fine.  Page 72 said: "There are two things you need to do before the Processing sketch will run
correctly. First, you need to tell Processing to generate the font that we
are using for the sketch. To do this, create and save this sketch. Then, with
the sketch still opened, click Processing's Tools menu, then select Create
Font. Select the font named HelveticaNeue-Bold, choose 32 for the font
size, and then click OK.
Second, you will need to confirm that the sketch is using the correct serial
port for talking to Arduino. You'll need to wait until you've assembled the
Arduino circuit and uploaded the Arduino sketch before you can confirm
this. On most systems, this Processing sketch will run fine. However, if
you don't see anything happening on the Arduino and you don't see any
information from the light sensor appearing onscreen, find the comment
labeled "IMPORTANT NOTE" in the Processing sketch and follow the
instructions there."

Well! I only got errors and could not get the lights to work.  I tested all components including wires. I rebuilt the circuit several times thinking I missed something. It said with the sketch still open: click Processing's Tools menu.  What and where.  I saw no such Tool bar and had no way to create a font.  I am unsure about the process. Do I upload Example 08A: and 08B? I don't think my circuit is built wrong!!


This may be a stupid question but do you know what Processing is?

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