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Hi all,

I am a young student, I seek your help, I would make a line follower car but being beginner and pretty useless in arduino, I would appreciate your help kind souls.

I make a car with three servomotors (1 director and 2 power) and 4 linefinders to detect the ground line.

Thank you for your help :)

PS: I used a translator to go from french to english, sorry for the mistakes any errors.


This is the Programming forum, where we discuss YOUR programming, not do your programming for you.
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I agree with you but have avenues of research and grants,this is all


OK, I've moved this to "guidance".

OP, describe your robot, describe your aims and efforts so far.
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I have a jockey wheel to guide the robot to be connected with a servo motor and two wheels behind which are directly connected to actuators. Everything will be guided by a arduino uno linefinders and there are 4 for positioning, which will be placed in front.


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There is a ton of info about line following bots here: http://www.mbrobotgames.ca/Images/GuideToBuildAutoRobots.pdf


Thanks for this informations ;)

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