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In older versions  I could see how much does my code take on target board.
For example if I try to compile a simple example when it finish it display at the bottom the message
Binary sketch size: 2464 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum)

Today I notice I lose this feature, donĀ“t know how long but today I need to see how many  bytes my code is generating.
Currently I'm using version 1.2
I know there is a new version but for now I want to finish this sketch on this one.
I already try to search in Preferences but all the options are at default settings.
Does anyone still using version 1.2 to tell me if your IDE still outputs this info?
Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Nano
Arduino Duemilanove
MAC OS Montain Lion
Raspberry PI Model B


Where did you get version 1.2 of the Arduino IDE ?

Do you mean version 1.0.2 ?  If so then that version still shows me the sketch size at the end of compilation.
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