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i use my sony xperia with the ADK and it works quiet fine

but as i plan to use an android dev board instead of my own mobile phone, i got trouble finding informations about possible compatibility

i plan to purchase one of these but i have to be sure the usb communication with the ADK is going to work

APC Board : http://apc.io/specifications/

XODROID : http://www.hardkernel.com/renewal_2011/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G133999328931

if anyone could guide me on those
or any other suggestion is welcome



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nobody ?

is there any ADK specialist who can tell me if it is gonna work ?

i found this android 4 motherboard http://dx.com/p/diy-android-4-0-motherboard-development-board-green-180172

so the simpler question would be
as it is android 4.0 and usb host 2.0
is the ADK arduino board compatible with this ?


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