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Is there a piece of code that will allow me to use the Serial Monitor by only typing and not having to press "enter" or click the "send" button? what can I do?


My kids used to do this. If they don't get the answer they want from Mom they ask Dad.

Just kidding.



I'm sorry for posting twice... I'm really new in this and accidentally made two posts, found a way tho, thanks.


Hey, sorry to bother you, but what about something else than Perl.
I found this soft developed in C# http://csharp.simpleserial.com/ (with its source code).

Like I did, you easily can modify the code in order to do whatever you want, the code is quite easy to understand (for a beginner like me).
I used it to create my own Terminal with the Serial Port and the BaudRate to choose. It works fine with my Arduino through USB / Bluetooth, since it's basically serial.
And Visual Studio Express is free.

Maybe this post won't suit you, in that case, I apologize :)

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