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Thankyou... I tried following the threads (gets a bit confusing for me) not great at reading circuits, moreless better at drawlings ,lol.   I'll look up the ZXLD1360 and do some learnings about it.  If I do use the TLC  it would give me multiplexing capabilities or individual control over each RGB within fixture (nice to have), but, could go either way.  Have you used the ZXLD1360  ?     


yes I'm using some ZXLD1360's in some Halogen replacement LED bulbs and the Tlc can control the brightness

check out this post (and the attached schematic) for the way to connect them up, let me know if I can clarify anything!


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After look up the ZXLD1360, that's exactly what I need... (also HV9910 possible supposedly), would need one per 3wRGB.  Do you have a drawling of your circuit available, what parts would I need besides the 1360 and 5940, capacitors, resistors..etc  for 350ma per ch for each RGB?  Would the flow go as folllows:  12v(power) > 1360 > TLC5940 > RGB led  and/or what pieces hang off of any of these?   R1, R2, uf's...etc

Thank you, this will be such a big help!


Sorry I forgot to post the link! http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,139792.msg1052456.html#msg1052456 (drawing of the circuit I used attached).

The 1360 datasheet should show an example circuit also for working out its support components.

it would be more like

Microcontroller > tlc > 1360 > led


I have built constant current drivers for a 10W RGB LED and it runs for hours quite happily. See here http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,134827.0.html

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