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Eventually, everyone will vote conservative, once they're no longer ignorant.

One way to defeat an unsustainable scheme is to expand it as fast as possible, so it collapses quickly.


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#@$!, I have two ready-to-ship international orders. There goes my margin.

Also, I see the propaganda machines are working in full force. "Something bad happened, quick, find a way to blame it on the other guys!"

The key is misdirection, Stanley.
"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."

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This is great news, undoubtedly we'll all be getting 40% increases too!  Woohoo! :smiley-yell:
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I'm not aware of the pension issue but definitely don't see my local PO workers lazy. They face a long line of customers and always handle business professionally. I just wish they open for more hours on Saturdays. During the middle of a business day, that joint is filled with people (lots seem to be small business shippers).

Guys/gals in USA, do you know about the USPS regional rate boxes? Post offices don't always carry them but you can order them at USPS.com free of charge and free shipping. Isn't that what's great about USPS, free priority/express supplies? Regional rate box rate is cheaper especially for me since I'm in the middle (longitude, not latitude). Purchase postage on USPS.com for regional rate box. I can ship a decent amount of stuff in regional rate box A for $5+ while the flat rate small box can only fit a couple of tooth picks. I hate how the small box closes too.

For international shipping, done that a lot. Hate the rates. No way to insure except for express mail at like $30 a pop. I'm not made of money.

CrossRoads, get a box of 250 bubble mailers from the place you got the really useful boxes. It's the cheapest I can find but you will need some extra wide tape.


I think I have the 6*10. Use the officedepot coupon to get a deal. PM me if you can't find any coupon. I also bought a digital scale off ebay so I know exactly how much padding I can add to not get to the next ounce.


Updates: Shipped a 1 oz envelop to New Zealand, $6.55 Wasnt this expnsive before.
Priority small box is $6, not $7. Does the rate depend on region?

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