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I am am wondering about the slow compiling for 1.0.3    I can leave ANY sketch sitting there for an hour (or more) waiting for it to compile with no results. The status bar just sits there, half done. It has on occasion compiled properly, in seconds. But that is extremely rare.

To be clear, I'm talking about even the simplest of sketches: Blinky or less, an Empty Sketch.

What's up?

I use Win7.

I've searched the web and have found nothing useful.



First thing i would check is the Java version and upgrade if needed.


I have a similar problem. It was compiling fine a few months ago on my Windows 7 PC - I haven't used the Arduino IDE for a while - and now it is taking ages to compile.  Getting stuck halfway, will eventually compile if I leave it long enough but taking a few minutes to complile a simple sketch such as blink.

I have installed latest Java, switched off bluetooth, switched off AV - all suggestions I have seen suggested on the internet - but none solves the issue.   

The PC resources are fine - plenty of CPU/RAM, can't see any run away tasks running.
Other aspects of IDE work fine, even the upload stage - its just the compile that is slow.

Any suggestions?



try this:
- make shore you have selected the right arduino (168/328)
- uninstall the arduino soft.and install the 1.0.3
- try to hold reset button for few second before press "upload to the board"

does TX RX leds blink fast when you upload the sketch?

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