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are you positive you fried the arduino? it should be able to take as much as 17 volts, no usb operates at that many volts

If the supply came via the voltage regulator, certainly. Does the USB supply come via the voltage regulator?


Well... The Bright side is that an FTDI device and a new 328... ?$10.00?) leaves about 90% of the board OK... and Very usable albeit with some encumbreance.

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Some years ago I used that GPS as it works on 5Volts (and 3.something). But when you use it with a 5Volt power supply the output signals are always 3. something Volts and not 5 Volt!!
To solve this I placed a signal amplifier between the GPS unit and the PIC (sorry, that's what I used then) to lift the signal to 5Volt. Then it works.
Hopefully this will help.

Attached the schema I used.
I am not responsible for wanted or unwanted results by using the schema in any form.


If you suspect your GPS isn't working,  it is quite easy to connect directly to the
PC through the USB/serial adaptor  and see what it is outputing.  You can use
the serial monitor for this or a program such as MiniGPS  or several similar ones.


You are right, I forgot to write that the problem relates to the TTL output pin. In this case TTL is not 5Volt but 3.something volt. And that does not work with a microcontroller running with 5Volt power supply.
Just measure it with a oscilloscope.
Unless the manufacturer has changed this.....
The PIC microcontroller I used does not have USB I/O.
The pin I wanted to use was a TTL input.

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