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for a project I'm trying to build a completely isolated serial to usb interface using the FT232. Since the Duemillanove used to use this chip, I looked into it's schematic to figure out what connections I'll need. I thought that I would only need the RX and TX pins on the AtMega328 to connect to the FT232, but the Duemillanove also connects to other pins of the FT232. Are these only required to be able to program and reset the ┬ÁC(I don't need that for this circuit) or do I also need more than RX/TX?



its to reset the chip and also provide power from the USB port.

you need to connect the ftdi's ground to the USB and arduino ground, but if you have external power and a manual reset button you can omit the other 2


What happens if I let's say just send out some sensed data over Serial without checking if the USB is connected and at some point connect the USB and open a Serial monitor. Would I need to manually reset the AtMega or will the PC be able to pick up data from the moment on, when it was connected without having to reset the AtMega?


it will just start talking, but anything before hand may be lost

reset is mostly used for programming


Great, thanks!

(Since this will be used for isolated communication, I'll only need to isolate two signals which is a relief ;))

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