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This kind of third-party repository interface has been around for many years and in several different communities. I'm wondering if there's even software already to manage the infrastructure.

For example, for Python:


For Perl:


For TeX:


In hindsight it's amazing that something like this doesn't already exist for Arduino! I guess you can say the Wiki/Playground is there but it's time for The Next Generation.

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Nov 22, 2010, 03:10 am Last Edit: Nov 22, 2010, 03:18 am by AlphaBeta Reason: 1
Completely agree!
We should get a centralized third-party repository up and running soon.

[edit]Might rewrite the client for Java? Easier cross-platform and maintainable for the Arduino developers (as the IDE is java). Sorry to OP is this is the stupidest idea ever presented.[/edit]


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thanks for your kind responses.

I already thought about a posibility to post librarys.
And i would also host it on my server. I can configure it so it can also mirror it on your server.

the application might be able to load an xml from a repository like that already.

But some things need to be looked at if we do this.

At the moment everyone is compressing his own lib differently with different folder structures and different manual steps to install.

when we make a repository like that. Every library.zip should have the same structure and the structure should be checked by the upload script.

I do not know if i am allowed to host every library or what to do with librarys where the creator does not upload them on theyr own or the author is not longer aviable.

the cmd part in the xml should be removed so no one can post a malicious command in the xml. (for this every lib.zip needs the same structure to make it easier)

Doesnt need every lib checked before publishing in a repository like this?

as you see. I think the hardest part might be to get every lib-structure to be the same.
Most of them look the same but not all.

//Edit: yes. Sorry that this is not java but i can not write in java.
It is already cross platform except the 7zip exe i used.
And i know this part needs a rewrite.


Nov 22, 2010, 03:51 am Last Edit: Nov 22, 2010, 03:52 am by AlphaBeta Reason: 1
I think we need to model the 'structure' after how the official team does it, and that is to zip the archive which the files resides in. That is, so one extracts within the libraries archive (this way one does not have to create a new folder before extracting).
Reference: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/LibraryTutorial

I think the community should be the 'check' so that we could have a flag for 'does not work' for instance. And maybe also a vote up/down.

We could add categories to the libraries. Math, Data Structures, Timing, Processing, Hardware Abstraction etc etc etc.



I've purchased a domain/webhotel and started on the UI: http://www.arduinolibraries.net/
Please come with ideas and feedback!

Nothing is carved in stone, and I'm not in favor of any one solution.

I for one think this effort can be of great service for the Arduino community.

I've created a first draft of an Arduino Library Markup Language
Sample XML: http://alexanderbrevig.com/hosting/arduinolibraries.net/ArduinolibML.xml
Sample XSD: http://alexanderbrevig.com/hosting/arduinolibraries.net/ArduinolibML.xsd

Thoughts and feedback VERY much welcome.

@beo6 since you know C++ you'll need just a minimal amount of time to understand Java
These types of applications is what works best on Java, IMHO.

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