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I'm new here so I'm sorry if I leave up pertinent information.

I'm currently building a DIY drum module and I'm having issues picking an amplifier (I'm using an UNO BTW). Currently I have 8bit digital audio data being sent to PORTD at a 8Khz. All 8 pins (D0-D7) are connected to an 8bit R2R DAC (10k-20K). I need an amplifier after my R2R network but I'm having problems finding one I need. Right now I'm using an LM386 which just doesn't seem to be enough. I wanted to know what others may suggest in terms of good amplifiers.

I was hoping for a single voltage amp that does not require more than 9v to run (if that's not possible I'll use a battery that can supply more juice). The load (speaker) i'm currently using requires far too much power (3w-5w 8ohm) which is also causing issues as the LM386 is only outputting 0.1-0.3watts (really over working the little guy)...

Any insight regarding amplifier/speaker suggestions from anyone that has done anything like this would be greatly appreciated.


Well, first... a speaker doesn't "require" wattage really.  They all have different levels of efficiency -- that is, how much power it takes to produce a certain amount of sound -- but they will all gladly run on mW levels.  Just... maybe not to your satisfaction in terms of volume.

OK, the hair-splitting is out of the way.

Here's a post full of recommendations on small chip-amps:

I have some little TDAs at home that I haven't played with, but I have built LM1875 and LM3886 designs.  Both of those are waaay over your power requirements and supply rail budget though.  :-)

If your supply is limited in terms of current (small transformer or battery-powered), you'll need to look into Class D.  Unless you're very skilled, that means going with pre-built modules.  Those are available all over the place.  Check www.parts-express.com, and Google "class d amp kits".

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