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The code of the Kalman filter is shown below:

This code is specifically for a segway-type device in one dimension  and probably won't do you much
good for anything else.


You need a bunch of documents for this device.   The one describing the register set is called RM-MPU-6000A.pdf

This device has a lot of registers that you can read or write to, through I2C,  the register numbers go up to 117 decimal.

The accelerometer measurement is in 6 registers  3B to 40 hex  and the gyro measurement in 43 to 48 hex.

You need to configure the device,  and then get the data from the device,   and then you can do any calculations
you like ( including Kalman filter, if you want to ) after you get the data.

The device has the really nifty feature that it can be programmed to calculate the orientation of the device
itself, which means the arduino doesn't have to do it.

For configuring and accessing the data from the device, I recommend the library developed by Jeff Rowberg
which is apparently called MPU6050


i want to use this MPU-6050 for balancing bot using kalman filter can it be done??

thanq :)

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