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Nick Gammon

I just got a package from the USA, and inside was bubble wrap stuck together with USPS sticky tape, like this:

Now how do you misuse sticky tape?

Even assuming you could, do you really think that some criminal (eg. typing up hostages in a bank robbery) would stop just because it had a warning printed on it?

And what law would you violate? The "correct use of sticky tape" ordinance?

Surely this is egregious over-labelling?


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The glue will probably get you high, that's all.

If its a government mob, it would be the information printed on it that can't be misused in my opinion.

Could probably skip some security checks if something is mislabelled.


The USPS will ship virtually unlimited amounts of shipping boxes to your house for free. That warning is to inform people that they can't get $1000 worth of boxes for free from the USPS, then use them as moving/storage boxes.
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Jack Christensen

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We live in the Age Of The Wimp, and the age of the Legal Lottery.
No amount of warnings, legislation, or expense is too great to prevent a single paper cut or a single spilled coffee.
Lawrence Bullis was right, you know.
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As it says the old adage: "Always a better signage will discourage misuse"

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