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If I open up the WifiChatServer example sketch and change the loop to this...

Code: [Select]

void loop() {

...and then telnet to the WifiChatServer IP/Port I get some weird behaviour. Approximately every 2 seconds I get a burst of 'a' characters in the terminal. However, if I start tapping <enter> in the terminal 'a' characters come through as soon as I tap <enter> (ie. more frequent than a burst every 2 seconds).

I traced the problem as far as this function in the WiFi library (in server_drv.cpp)...

Code: [Select]

uint8_t ServerDrv::checkDataSent(uint8_t sock)
const uint16_t TIMEOUT_DATA_SENT = 25;
    uint16_t timeout = 0;
uint8_t _data = 0;
uint8_t _dataLen = 0;

do {
// Send Command
SpiDrv::sendParam(&sock, sizeof(sock), LAST_PARAM);

//Wait the reply elaboration

// Wait for reply
if (!SpiDrv::waitResponseCmd(DATA_SENT_TCP_CMD, PARAM_NUMS_1, &_data, &_dataLen))
WARN("error waitResponse isDataSent");

if (_data) timeout = 0;

    return (timeout==TIMEOUT_DATA_SENT)?0:1;

The timeout counter above regularly reaches around 18 (an 1800 second delay) if I don't press <enter> in the terminal. However, if I do repeatedly press <enter> in the terminal the timeout rarely goes above 0 sometimes it gets to 2.

It seems as though if I just stream data to a client it takes a long time for the DATA_SENT_TCP_CMD to be registered. However, if the client sends a small amount of data back the DATA_SENT_TCP_CMD seems to be immediately registered. Anyone else experienced this? Or know of a fix? (other than getting the client to send back a small amount of data each time it receives a packet from the server running on the arduino)

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