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OK, my "planned" project is going to encompass multiple sensors to function as planned.

1. 3-Axis sensor to not only determine " tilt", but also "roll".
2. Temp and hygrometer.
3. Barometric Pressure sensor.
4. Anemometer.
5. IR sensor, with firing pulse ckt for 808nm laser. (LRF).
6. TFT/ touchscreen display.
7. Servo motor control X and Y axis.

I have a very good grasp of the requirements, and plan to use nano's to read the sensor data, then relay that to a mega board with the tc/display.

ALL the sensors and nano's will necessarily be separated from the mega, account of design requirements.
The laser components will be the farthest away, ~1M.
The display, the closest.

I'm waiting on laser and anemometer modules.
But I started coding on the nanno's/sensors, and it seems to be going well, thanks to excellent sample coding and interrupt handling provided.


sounds like a serious project (and fun too!)
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Neat idea!

What help are you needing?
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I can help you for the anemometer with ultrasonic sensor!
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