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Hi folks, i'm new to the site and would like to introduce myself  XD i've had an arduino for a while now, my previous project included a 12vdc powered fan which was activated by a LM355 temp sensor to cool my RaspberryPi/XBMC setup, an easy setup as there was plenty of information out there to help guide a novice such as myself, however.. i have been looking into RFID and i am very interested in setting up a project that will read an CARD/TAG and check with a database on my Laptop via the USB lead to the Arduino

I'm using the following equipment;

1. Arduino Uno R3
2. RDM6300 RFID Module

i wish to setup the RFID to communicate TAG ID information to the Arduino which can take that information via USB to check against a database stored on my laptop which will then return true or false and response accordingly such as emitting a RED LED on false and a GREEN LED on true statements.. i have found various tutorials on doing this with the information of the TAGS stored within the Arduino sketch however i wish it to check the information from a database stored on a laptop

my question is basically is this project feasible and if so can somebody point my in the right direction

Many Thanks in advance



This is perfectly feasible but you will need to write a PC program to listen for data from the Arduino, to check the MySQL database and to send a reply back to the Arduino.

This demo illustrates communication between a PC and an Arduino using Python. Any PC programming language should be suitable  - the technique will be much the same.

I am new to Python (having previously use Ruby) and I have been experimenting with a Python library called Peewee which makes it easy to access databases.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Excellent Robin!!

thanks for that, yes a friend of mine is dealing with the pc software Java based i believe, this will help us merge our designs together


Java will do fine - I had been using JRuby and JSSC.

People who are familiar with PC programming and not with the Arduino system need to be aware that when the PC software opens the serial port it causes the Arduino to reset and the reset process takes several seconds. Consequently the PC code should only open the serial port once and keep it open until the project has finished with the Arduino. AND the PC code should wait for the reset process to conclude before sending data to the Arduino. In the demo code the Arduino sends a short message from setup() and when the PC code receives that message it knows the Arduino is ready.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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