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ask someone who will (hopefully) cut to the chase and actually tell me the answer to what I am asking, instead of telling me all the reasons it's so bad to do it.

There's an expectation when posting answers here that they're not just for the benefit of the OP. Other folks will take note of what's written, so you'll always get the reasons why goto is bad recited if you ask about using it, just as most any question about dealing with mains voltage garners a warning about the possible dangers.

Nick Gammon

This. It's like asking how to clean a loaded gun. If the answer didn't include a lot of warnings, the implication would be that the experts think that is a good thing to do.

OK. Let's try this. Go ahead. Load your code up with impossible to follow goto statements and labels. Then, when you have a problem with it not performing as expected:
Code: [Select]
goto someplaceElseForHelp:

Plus what PaulS said.


actually tell me the answer to what I am asking, instead of telling me all the reasons it's so bad to do it.

It's "as well as", rather than "instead of".

You asked why it didn't work; you've been told. You've also been told that what you were trying to do is not recommended - which is true, however much you may dislike it.
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I thought Nick was joking about asking how to disable the airbags, so I just continued on it.

In the first post I requested an answer to a compiler error, and requested that nobody talk about the downsides of labels and gotos. Well over half the posts have been about something OT from my question, or irrelevant to me finding the answer. I implied right off the bat that labels and gotos are not recommended, which other people reading this thread in the future should have picked up on.

IMO these forums are great for sharing information, and helping people out, but it sure takes from the experience to often have people (seemingly) go out of their way to annoy me, or just troll/spam the thread. I'm not sure how many threads I have started, only to have a majority of the replies be OT from my question(s), or otherwise mostly useless.

I've been within the top three posters on about 4 tech-related forums (each for over a year), since I was about 14 YO, and I can honestly say that the Arduino forums are not a pleasure to use. I go out of my way to avoid these forums, and only post here when I can't find the answer anywhere else, because I know how welcome you make me feel. I really really wish that was not the case =(

Hopefully next time I post a question here, things will go smoother.

Nick Gammon

A lot of people say how helpful these forums are, I'm sorry your experience hasn't been as positive.

Look on the bright side, we are trying to help you, not annoy you.

The thing is, and we see this quite often, and today there is another thread like this, the more people ask a really technical question, without in any way relating it to a real-world problem, the more likely we are to find, three pages on, that they have gone about the actual problem (so far a secret) in a way that is ... how shall I put this? ... not optimal.

I remember now, there is another thread about "which is faster: 'while' or 'for' "?

On the face of it, it is a reasonable question, but there is a lot unsaid there. Does it matter? What is being attempted? Maybe the underlying hardware makes the question irrelevant.

Part of the service is not just answering the literal question, but trying to see past it to actually helping you solve the underlying problem.

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