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Basically I am building this big data logger for my car. One of the devices I will be logging is my radar detector (and also displaying warning and so on).

I have a Valentine 1 Radar Detector. Lucky for me they released a entire technical book

At first I was happy that someone had this working on an arduino
and it works just like it was made. Basically it was a AVRTool to Arduino IDE conversion.

The problem is that I don't know how to reverse engineer his C files and make them compatible with the Arduino IDE they way other libraries work.

So now I am trying to start this project from scratch. I took my logic analyzer and after reading the technical book I try to develop a clone signal to better understand the way it communicated.

I try to use Serial.write but I guess the communication pin just stays high before and after. There is also ONLY ONE DATA LINE so all the sending and receiving communication is done on the same wire.

So my question is,
What kind of communication is this?There is also ONLY ONE DATA LINE so all the sending and receiving communication is done on the same wire.
Is there a library for this communication Protocal?
Should I just use softserial?

I know that the other guy hook the TXPin and the MOSI pin (it a Mega) to the data line.
I am only trying to replicated the radar dector signal just to know how the display commands work exactly. I didn't understand page 23 on the manual.


The data you show is not inverted.. The starting Valentine transition from low to high may signal that it is about to output data.  A sender to Valentine may have to do a similar thing to assert control of the data line.   I'm not sure of a good way to implement this.

Wouldn't want to attempt this Without a Logic Analyzer!
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Lucky me I have been using a logic analyzer to tackle the problem.


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I'm also interested to port bluev sketch to Arduino Uno/nano etc.
Any news on your side?

PS see similar project http://www.radardetectorforum.org/showthread.php?t=17866&p=273733&viewfull=1#post273733


If you are reading this old post, you may also be interesting in reading this post.

Robin2 gave me a good starting code example.

I managed to adapt his code to 57600 baud and can listen to other arduino's great. I'm still battling on to understand what the V1 is actually putting out using a cheap logic analyzer. The V1 Technical document states 57600 8 bits no parity and 1 stop bit, but the analyzer can't make heads or tails out of it (neither can I yet).  :o

Stay tuned here for my end result at my post.

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