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I am making my graduation project, that I am designing windows phone application, and using Ultrasonic MaxBotix LV-1 sensor connected to my Arduino Uno board, the thing is, am new to all of this.
Someone told me that I can't connect the Arduino or the sensor to windows phone unless I have the SDK!!!
So, is there an Arduino SDK for that? cause I haven't find any..
Should I switch to Android?
I really need heeeeelp pleaaase can anyone explain or give advice? am also running out of time!!!


How would you be planning to transfer data? Cable connection, Bluetooth or WiFi?


It would be possible with a USB host shield, and the Android ADK libraries. I don't know about the Windows Phone SDK. If it was possible, you would also need a USB Host shield on the Arduino.


Well I have USB host shield on the board, am just facing a problem in connecting it to the application, I don't know if it's possible ..
Thanks a lot for your help  :)


Hello, I'm also trying to capture dates of two sensors. But, I don't know the library for develop an app able to comply my objective.
I alse need help!!! Thanks.


I'm curious whether microsoft planned for windows phone accessary development kit at all. Why does it have to be windows phone? Project requirement? Or your personal preference?
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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