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I like to measure vibration on my quad copter when its in flight so I can tell if I'm making improvements.
I have several Arduinos but what can I use to measure vibration? Is there a vibration sensor?


Hi Randy,

You might want to look into a piezo buzzer.  They work "backwards" and generate electricity that can be measured by a Arduino analog input when vibrated.

Google Knock Sensor for more information.

I'm not sure what vibration levels you need to measure, biput it's worth a look.

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Hi, The classical way to do this on larger vehicles is to use an accelerometer. But the frequency response of simple ones may not be enough for your purposes. On the other hand, you already have them onboard, right?

Strain gauges have also been used to localize where the movement is taking place, but again this is a big challenge on a small vehicle.

The Piezo transducer may be a good simple solution.  How to attach it and how to get "enough" data with "appropriate" frequency response is the question.

Let us know where you go with this.
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Thanks for the response.
I will check out your suggestions.
Yes I do have an accel on board.

Ideally I like to make it flexible so I can place it anywhere on the copter.
For example, place it on an arm to measure vibration from a motor, perhaps near the APM etc..


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