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I  am working on creating a biped robot.  I have function running in Processing that output motor positions to the servos on the robot.  Currently I am using the Servo Firmata loaded onto my arduino uno.  This works fine with the Standard Version of Processing 1.5.1.  I am using a MacBook Pro.  I have an initial successful walking gait, but I would like to add an accelerometer so I want to use the standard firmata.  When the standard firmata is loaded onto the arduino the same program no longer functions.  I have used a stand alone firmata tester application downloaded from the firmata website and I can control the servos and i/o pins fine.

I am not sure where the problem is. Is this common that the standard firmata does not work with servos?  I have tried a different computer with different code and still it does not work.

The Processing sketch is as follows:
Code: [Select]
import processing.serial.*;

import cc.arduino.*;

Arduino arduino;

float y1f, y2f, y3f, y4f, y5f, y6f;
int y1i, y2i, y3i, y4i, y5i, y6i;

float x1;
float s = 4.0;
//Right Knee
float A1 = -60.0;//39.084;
float B1 = 10.0;//26.434;
float C1 = 6.00;//5.1762;
float D1 = 90.0;//109.2;
//Left Knee
float A2 = 60.00;//-38.612;
float B2 = 30.00;//5.3432;
float C2 = 6.000;//4.9554;
float D2 = 90.00;//90.392;

float A3 = 20.00;//90;//74.808;
float B3 = 0.1571;//-2.9442;
float C3 = 5.284;//2.142;//0.15928;
float D3 = 70.00;//-0.0021288;

float A4 = 20.00;//90;//74.808;
float B4 = 0.1571;//-2.9442;
float C4 = 5.284;//2.142;//3.142;//0.15928;
float D4 = 110.00;//-0.0021288;

float A5 = 20.00;
float B5 = 0.1571;
float C5 = 0;//3.142;
float D5 = 85.00;

float A6 = 15.00;
float B6 = 0.1571;
float C6 = 0;
float D6 = 90.00;

void setup() {
 size(470, 200);
 arduino = new Arduino(this, Arduino.list()[4], 57600);
//  arduino.pinMode(14, Arduino.INPUT);
//  arduino.pinMode(15, Arduino.INPUT);
 arduino.pinMode(8, Arduino.SERVO);
 arduino.pinMode(9, Arduino.SERVO);
 arduino.pinMode(10, Arduino.SERVO);
 arduino.pinMode(11, Arduino.SERVO);
 arduino.pinMode(12, Arduino.SERVO);
 arduino.pinMode(7, Arduino.SERVO);

void draw(){

 for(float i=1.0; i<41.0; i=i+s){
   x1 = i;
   y2f = A1*exp(-pow((x1-B1),2)/pow(C1,2))+D1;
   y1f = A2*exp(-pow((x1-B2),2)/pow(C2,2))+D2;
   y3f = A3*sin(B3*x1+C3)+D3;
   y4f = A4*sin(B4*x1+C4)+D4;
   y5f = A5*sin(B5*x1+C5)+D5;
   y6f = A6*sin(B6*x1+C6)+D6;
   //y3f = A3+B3*x1+C3*pow(x1,2)+D3*pow(x1,3);
  // y4f = A4+B4*(-1*x1+41.000)+C4*pow((-x1+41.000),2)+D4*pow((-x1+41.000),3);
   println("Y values");
   y1i = int(y1f);
   y2i = int(y2f);
   y3i = int(y3f);
   y4i = int(y4f);
   y5i = int(y5f);
   y6i = int(y6f);
   arduino.analogWrite(7, y6i);
   arduino.analogWrite(8, y1i);
   arduino.analogWrite(12, y2i);
   arduino.analogWrite(9, y3i);
   arduino.analogWrite(11, y4i);
   arduino.analogWrite(10, y5i);
//    delay(50);
   y1i = -1*y1i+250;
   y2i = -1*y2i+250;
   y3i = -1*y3i+250;
   y4i = -1*y4i+250;


I want to add one more piece of information about this if anyone has any clue why it is not working.  Today I substituted the signal wire for where the servos were with an led, and there was no output at all.

Has anyone successfully used standard firmata, servos, and processing? Were there any changes from using the servo firmata?


I can't help with Processing but I'm working with Python and Standard Firmata and I was controlling a Servo on Pin7 on Tuesday so its not a Standard Firmata issue.

Can you do simple things like turning Pins off and on?



Yes I can do things like turning things off and on.  I have run the examples that come for processing and all of them work. They do not, however, give an example to control the servos. 

Thanks for the reply.

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