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for @pighixxx
big thanks for making these!

for the ATtiny45/85 section, pin 2 and 3, there's no PWM function there
only pin 0 and 1 have PWM mode.

(I have ATtiny45 and I test PWM on pin 2 and 3, not working...)
and I read from MIT HLT too..

sorry for my bad english

btw, this is my first post :D
because i want say thanks to you :D


what size of bond paper is recommended to this?


thanks a lot - again ! very good work
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what size of bond paper is recommended to this?

James Bond?

He said A4.


New version 2.0

New version 2.0

Hi All!

I made newer pinouts versions of Arduino Uno and ATMega328. The downloads are available on my website; I'm translating everything in English and for the moment is only in Italian...  :smiley-fat:

Soon I want to do a poll to make yours next pinout. Bye  :D

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