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Topic: I wonder if it is a good idea to make a bigger ATSAM3X8E board. (Read 418 times) previous topic - next topic


Do you think i need a bigger and better board?
That's what the thread is supposed to be talking about, isn't it?


I mostly sure that the thread is not about what I need.  Does it says "does John needs a better board"?

Paul Stoffregen

A board with the capabilities of Due with more RAM will be surely appreciated in the market (imho).
Can you be more specific about what you mean by "appreciated"?


Thinking about my needs extra RAM would be a definite pro. Currently with 96k i can't load samples...

With 64MB it would be very good to act as a sampler. In general i suppose limitations on RAM are currently one of the drawbacks.

I have tried to find SPI sram ic's to expand the memory of my due's but i can only find max 4Mbit.

It gets very complicated to connect 4 of these just to get 2 MB of RAM

About the other extensions the guy who considers it mentioned (ethernet) i suppose it would work as fast communication, i' m not sure. I thought that the native serial permits high speeds but haven't found the time to experiment with this. (currently i use 9600 so to get an idea)

For me "bigger" as described in the OP meant bigger RAM, and by my humble opinion the market would "appreciate" a board with the DUE capabilities and bigger RAM....

"Appreciate it" i mean to find customers... -)

Of course my idea about the needs of the market is totally hypothetical in this subject.

I assume that there must be an interest because now it is the time of "mass electronics" imho

Paul Stoffregen

Sep 20, 2016, 04:01 am Last Edit: Sep 20, 2016, 04:17 pm by Paul Stoffregen
It gets very complicated to connect 4 of these just to get 2 MB of RAM
Here's a shield made for Teensy with 6 of those chips.  Maybe it'll help?


This same basic design ought to work with Due.



Basically the people they buying Arduino Due clones from China
are the reason, the Due is retired. Development is NOT for free.

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