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Hi, does anyone know if the DUE works with any DMX library and Shield?

They seem to work with AVR libs that are not available (in 1.5.1)..



I have the same problem / question. Any help would be great!





I have exactly the same question.

I talk especially to the Arduino team, it's good to get out an Arduino DUE powerful, but if you don't create compatible libraries...

I bought an Arduino DUE and I can make anything.

I understand that you don't have time to recreate all existing libraries, but in this case you could make a tutorial that explains how to create a library.

Apart from that, you do a great job and I love Arduino, thank you !


I'd love to know about this too (both TX and RX) - I am thinking of buying a Due :@)
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after one year, no answer from community?

(just new here, and same question comes to me!)


Hy Guys,

What I see in this case is that Arduino Due can only supports 3.3 v in the i/o. So, dmx works with 5v.

I supose that It can works with the correct resistances... but it is a little dangerous.


Mr Pacheko,

Not quite, I am sure there are several 3.3v RS485 interface chips available on the market (like the LTC1480) - you would need to have this interface chip between the Arduino pins and the DMX outside world. DMX works on a differential bus system and not 0-5v as you stated.

I have been using SN75176, which I believe will work at 3.3v but I havent tested it

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One year later I have the same Question.
Is there already an solution how to use the Arduino DUE as an DMX interface? Or is there already a ported libery?


What is the issue - it has a UART and GPIO, that's all you need, surely?
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