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Hi All!

this week I created a small blog about my arduino projects.
I want to share it to you.

About my actual project, FPV Antenna Tracker, I will also do here some reports, but at the moment I am a  little bit busy ;-)

Enjoy my blog :-)





Thanks for sharing!  It looks like you have some cool projects in there.  Keep it up! 
Oh, and I love your blog name by the way "Engineering at Night."  Very clever.  I think most of us can relate :)


Thanks for putting your blog together and sharing your source/diagrams. Your weather station is very polished, at first glance I thought it was a commercial item until I saw the photo of the build on your workbench. I take my hat off to you, you have put in a lot of effort and it shows. Well done.


Very nice!

I love this image. What do you call that? Chain? Belt? Where'd you get those?


Yeah, some nice looking stuff, I like the engine test bench. Would the scale device be sensitive enough to create some sort of altimeter?

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