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I am trying to program and control an Arduino BT via a Windows 7 PC. I have problems both programming and communicating with the board using a serial terminal.

To program, I tried the trick of pressing the reset button before, but it does not work. Any suggestion? On my macmini I can program it, so I do not think nothing is wrong with the board.

Can you suggest me a program to communicate as serial terminal? I tried real term, but it does not work. Moreover it creates 2 serial port on my PC, one for incoming and one for outgoing communications. Which should I use? My sketch is simply an analog port reading and printing on the serial port.

Once the BT board is linked to the PC, if I press the reset button on the board, I do not loose the connection,isn't it?


PS: I think the best is to buy a normal arduino and then add a BT shield, because this BT board is making me crazy :(


Looks like it is the similar problem I have but with vista. Crossing fingers hoping some one from Arduino would look into this issue and fix or suggest a patch or solution.


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Programming works fine ie.:

Communication - you may try TeraTerm. Choose the Outgoing com.

PS: maybe you have to start with communication troubleshooting - gather some experience with BT and then go towards programming via BT.. :)

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