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I'm experienced with the w5100 and w5200 versions of the ethernet library, and I do not see where the arduino or wiznet library code is involved with an arp broadcast. I think that is done by the w5100 firmware internally when it establishes the connection.

The w5100 doesn't have a bunch of internal SRAM. Most is taken by the 4 socket buffers. It doesn't leave much for arp lists.  :(


You told you can log into your router by telnet and have a linux environment there? Do you have root access then? If yes, you probably can segment your WLAN from your LAN without loosing connectivity. You just have to remove the (software) bridge between the interfaces and enable ip_forward on the router. Configure two subnets and you're fine.


It seems to be root access. While I'm very familiar with Linux, I've never had to do that kind of stuff on it before. However, I'm also chatting to a guy who makes one of the more popular custom firmwares for it to see if he can help.

I wonder if an iptables rule could filter it...


You probably don't need iptables for that. Does the router have the "ip" command? Can you post the output of "ip ro sh"?


You'll understand if I blank out some of the IPs :)

So it's obviously bridged the relevant devices (giving br0). At this point I'm getting scared to bugger around with it :D

admin@RT-N66U:/tmp/home/root# ip ro sh
217.X.X.X dev ppp0  proto kernel  scope link  src VincentMcKenzie'sWAN-IP dev br0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev lo  scope link
default via 217.X.X.X dev ppp0

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