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I am determined to build a wall-mounted lighting piece that takes input from any audio device via the auxiliary jack to produce visual patterns using LEDs; speakers would be a great addition too. Basically a lighting piece that also acts as a visualizer/speaker for your music.

In my inventory I have the SIK that comes with the Uno board. My knowledge of Arduino is rather limited at the moment but this project should give me quite a boost.

So far I've learned that I will need to get my hands on the MSGEQ7 chip to divide the audio input; but I am still at a loss at what parts and add ons I should be looking at. So I've come to the forums in hopes of getting some guidance to get me started on this project of mine. If this thread takes off I'll post some sketches and process work as this whole thing comes along.


That chip looks like you are in the right track. Get the chip, find the LEDs transistors and resistors to drive them and come back here.

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