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I'm not sure where I mentioned being surprised about having to send a lot of steps? I am fully aware of this:

makes it clear you have to send 8 steps for a single motor step, thus for a 200 step motor you have to send 1600 steps to the board for one revolution.



I have stepper motor that is suppose to be 200 steps per revolution but it can't be that to translate in the code.  If I use
Stepper motor1(200, 9, 10)  to specify 200 steps per revolution and then use motor1.step(200) it doesn't make one full rotation.  It only moves a little bit. 

Surely then you should have said "1600 steps for one revolution".
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That was from the original post and I didn't specify the driver was in full step mode which should have produced one full revolution with motor1.step(200).  Of course that was when I assumed it was a 200 step motor.  I see your point if you assumed the driver was in 1/8 step mode.

Again that quote was from the original post and more details and information has been posted since then.  From here on out I'm just going to do my configuring based on my three motors being 800 steps/rev.  (I did test all three with the same results).

Thanks to all for the help. 

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