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Hi friends!
Im buliding a small green house and I would like to use a DHT11 to monitor the temperature and if it raises from 30 C activate a relay to turn off the heat source.
I know how to do this with the lm34dz  but I just cant seem to figure out how to do it with the DHT 11 and cant find info around the web, I hope you could please help me do
I would be extremly helpful, the temperature where I live is dropping and i eould like to keep my plants alive.
Please help me friends.
Thanks in advance  :)


- http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/DHTLib -

You must built in some hysteresis in your sketch
Code: (concept only) [Select]

int relayState = LOW;
void loop()
  temperatue = .... ; // see lib above.
  if ((temperature > 30) && (relayState == LOW)) relayState = HIGH;
  if ((temperature < 25) && (relayState == HIGH)) relayState = LOW;
  digitalWrite(RelayPin,  relayState );
  .. other code here
Rob Tillaart

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